March 20, 2007

To My Girlies :-)

I just found this in my old notebook...something I wrote for my wedding during one of my very interesting MST classes...i realize that it's a bit late, but better late than never right??? What a difference 6 months makes though....

* * *
From choosing the dress, the make-up
The shoes and the band
I couldn't have asked for
A better set of friends

The countless phone calls
The never-ending advice
The bouquet of ideas
And all other things nice

You all mean the world
And I thank you each day
For making my wedding
Memorable in every way

Irchik, your opinion was always
On top
Even when I couldn't take it
And wanted to hang up

Zhenka, your laugh is contagious
Thanks for the lunches
And your ideas
Although sometimes outrageous

Lily, thank you for being there
You are very special
And we all care

Julzie, we got engaged two days apart
As soon as this is over
We have a new wedding to start

Irachka, although miles apart
We always
Found a place in each other's heart

You guys are my rock,
My shoulder to cry on,
My lips to smile
The best of the best & hopefully
After today we'll all have a rest!