February 25, 2009

It's ALWAYS the little things

I'm on the train! Yay! It's 7 pm. Yay! I will have a home cooked or at the very least a meal at home. Yay!

What's with all the excitement? Well, for starters it's nice to leave before 9, get (at the very least eye rest from staring at the screen all day), not eat takeout and be peacefully exhausted and stressed out at home instead of the office.

It's the little things that make me happy. It's always the little things that make us happy. I don't care that I'm standing or that the dude behind me reeks of alcohol or that the little asian man pushed me out of the way. I'm happy that I'm going home. I'm happy that I can blog. I am thankful for the little things. At the end of the day, it's the details that enrich our lives. It's the five-minute call or a three word text that matters. It's the flowers on a random Tuesday. It's the question from mama, "did you eat yet?" and the statement from papa, "I bought this kolbasa" (even though he knows I won't eat it).
It's my sister emailing me 3000 hideous dresses because she trusts my taste. It's my manager saying "thanks for staying." It's my cousin diligently leaving comments on my blog. It's hubs making me dinner. It's J texting me to find out if I got home okay. It's changing the name from "Ted" to "Theodore" and "Mike" to "Michael" so that the client doesn't come back with changes. It's the rounding of $12 to the first partner. It's K convincing me to sign up for pilates. It's the extra hour of time to find an invitation, a favor, a dress. It's the extra thought that makes a great party. It's $150 for custom stamps and a tuxedo for B (a bulldog). It's the emails to the bridesmaids. It's a phone call to ask for an opinion. It's a drink with old friends. It's a Sarbucks Triple Grande Skim Latte expensed on a Monday morning because we just worked the entire weekend. It's "can I help you?" and it's "mwa." It's all the little things in no particular order that make up our existence. It's ALWAYS the little things.


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February 16, 2009


I am still me, but I'm older (not wiser), my propeller no longer works with the same speed as it used to. Maybe it not me, it's you?

Maybe working over 120 in a two-week cycle is beginning to catch up with me? Maybe I'm just tired of the mundaness? Maybe I need to change my hair again? It's easier then changing my life (and it's something I do at an average of 3 times a year). I've made friends and lost friends and found them again. I've gone through school, various jobs and a plethora of names/faces/clothes. I am tired, but I can't sit still. Even if the propeller isn't spinning at the same speed, as long as whatever those things are called are turning, I will be the same'ol me. (No rhyme intended).

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February 12, 2009

"Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it." - Edward de Bono

February 10, 2009

Random Tuesday

No, I didn't get flowers, but I did leave work early enough to take the train, and to blog. I know I've been neglecting this pastime lately. As I have many others like photography, shopping and just hanging with friends. Yes, work takes a lot out of me, but mostly it's just laziness, lack of encouragement and drama?. Maybe the drama isn't a bad thing. Life has always been complicated and with each passing day, more "stuff" happens. Maybe its the lack of inspiration.

To recap, besides work and my bed I haven't seen much of anything or anyone lately. But we have made progress in planning my friend's bridal shower. Nobody has the time. Everyone works, everyone wants to participate and everyone is tired and doesn't know where to start. Enter, Alla. I'm not tired, I don't work, I just have good ideas and I
know how to make them happen. I am so in the wrong field. Until some potential clients come my way and enough of them to make me leave, there will be no work-life balance. We are meeting the recruiter for beers after busy season to see what he can offer. I did manage to escape to a wonderful dinner with the "I" girls at the Woo on Saturday
and to see "he's just not that into you" (I realize it's supposed to be cap, but I'm too tired) with a whole bunch of girls on Friday. It was my girls and my work girls and everyone was ready to pass out by the time the movie ended. J passed out at the movie, in the car.

Oh so it's official (supposedly), which means I can blog about it. Two of my "favorite" managers are now dating. After last busy season, she is getting a divorce and transferred groups and he broke up with his long-term, live-with girlfriend. And they say office romance isn't possible! The K-1 parties till 3 am make anything possible!

There's a lot of politics at work and few are PC, but I want March 1st to come and go and see what develops. It's a shaky world with a very shaky economy, but sometimes you gotta shake it up a bit more!


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