April 23, 2009


I love shoes, duh! I love all kinds of shoes - flats, pumps, boots, mules, sandals, wedges, peep-toe, closed-toe, d'Orsay and even flip-flops. After many years and much more dollars, euros and other foreign currencies - I have a few pre-requisites for any shoes that I actually buy. First of all, they have to look hot and more importantly (regardless of how hot, they look, a lesson worth learning) they must be comfortable. I have a collection of uncomfortable beautiful shoes that cost a small fortune. This doesn't work. Moreover, (if you've got a fat wallet, this doesn't apply, but for us bargain savvy girls) the shoe should be timeless. Yes, trends are great, but you don't want to discard a $400 shoe after one season. I have shoes from 5 years ago
that when worn out still receive compliments. The key is originality - the Tory Burch flat with the gold (or silver) emblem doesn't fly. I have a pair of Tory Burch flats that were bought because I needed flats but they are straw with a white beaded flower and the only way to see the Tory emblem is to make me take off the shoe.

Don't be afraid of color. You have a black closet, I'm sure. We've all taken up the new diet of wearing black, so let your feet have some fun! Buy green boots, orange Jimmy Choos and red pumps. You can dress up any boring, I mean classic black outfit. Pair it with a charming bag and you're set! Remember accessories are key. Better pair an H&M top with Manolos and a Louis Vuitton, then a Gucci dress with Steve Madden pumps. Get my drift?

There's a saying that "men who design women's shoes should be forced to wear them." Well, there are quiet a few men that know what a woman's foot should feel like. A few of my favorite men include Gianmarco, Jimmy and Manolo. There are still plenty of men I'd love to meet, but in my high-heeled practice of the last decade those are pretty solid investments. Not all shoes will be comfortable for everyone. Someone has a wide foot, someone has a high arch, someone has a long toe, etc. Shoes, should be a representation of the different sides of your personality and therefore compliment YOU. If you have a hammer toe, please don't wear sandals. Same goes for unpedicured feet. A pedicure doesn't mean polish on your toes, ladies! A larger calf shouldn't give rise to a muffin top of your sexy boot and please, please wear shoes your size. Celebrities get free samples and they may be off a half or a full size, but if you're buying a $500 shoe, buy your own size! Too big is no better than too small and if it just doesn't fit, keep looking, there are many more shoes in the pond.

Unfortunately, my long time favorite shoe-store, Petit Peton recently closed (with a pair of my boots). I had a shoegasm almost every time I was there including my last purchase there of Giuseppe (another good man) pumps, boots and a pair of Luca boots. Maybe I'm getting Carried Away (pun intended), but I sure do love my shoes. Sigh. In my preliminary packing, I'm down to 10 pairs (flip-flops not included), what's a girl to do? Sigh. You see what you started???

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April 20, 2009


A birthday is a sad reminder of turning a year older and getting on the wrong side of something. Yet it's a day of celebration. It is a day to celebrate what a disappointing year you've had, how little you've accomplished and where you thought you'd be at this point in your life. This is generally celebrated with cake, alcohol and presents. Any day is worth celebrating. Every human life is worth celebrating. Holidays are important and if you don't make them, who will? The more we have to celebrate the better. There are enough tragedies in life not to celebrate birthdays with a sweet piece of cake!

To all my April dearest, happy birthday!

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April 8, 2009

Ok back to iPods...

I will take the iPods with bad music to the drunk twenty-something drinking a bud and talking to everyone, singing and getting into everyone's face. The good thing is that "Jesus likes [him] sometimes" and that "[he] works hard, what just because [he] wears sneakers [he] can't work hard?" Shit, he just inched closer, the girl he was sitting next to ran away. He reeks of alcohol, but he's carrying flowers. As much as I love this city, sometimes I still get baffled.

I hate fear. I'm not afraid because I'm on a crowded train at 6 pm. I'm scared because there are worse lunatics than this.

Happy Pesach!

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April 7, 2009


Why do people on the subway, in the elevator and walking past me on the street assume that I share in their taste in music? While I'm not musically inclined and can listen to pretty much anything, I don't want to hear YOUR iPod on my way home.

Just ranting.

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April 6, 2009


I LOVE babies. They are adorable and grow up to be adults, like us. Many of our friends have recently been blessed with having children, some even two at a time. Children are a blessing and sometimes a pregnancy is planned and other times it's not. However, children born to "normal" parents are loved and cared for, regardless.

Lately, I feel that EVERYONE around me is either raising a child, having a baby, is preggers or the very least talking about it. I even had a dream about it. Maybe it's the universe telling me it's time, but what's the rush?

Granted, I always wanted to be a young mom, but 25 and 27 is not a huge difference. Thirty is young (contrary to what I thought at twenty). You can't plan for the unexpected and I want to be a mom, but I want a career and a house and a life first, while I'm still young.

(Shit, just realized that I never hit send on Fri)...since the writing of this post I've ooohd and ahhhd, fed and burped :)

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April 3, 2009


"Some people come into our lives and quickly go, others stay awhile and we are never, ever the same."

That has been a long time favorite quote and I don't even know who penned it/said it. Yet, it is very true. I have always been a suckerfor conversation. All my long term relationships with people were rooted in interestic discussion. As an old friend of mine recently said in describing me, "you followed what you always follow, conversation. For you, it's orgasmic." This is true and fortunately I've come in contact with many interesting people. I was never good at initiating contact, but once I get started, I'm open, honest and often say more than I should. Recently, I've befriended a few older and wiser people and our conversations have both inspired me and given me hope.

I've recently eavesdropped on a conversation of a wealth manager at a party and was so drawn to his discussion with a dimwit that I had to apologize (for eavesdropping) and sat outside for an hour in 40 degree weather looking for the perfect opportunity to introduce myself. Of course, the opportunity never came, but I am still intrigued enough to talk about it. I had a discussion over beer and wine with someone whose life didn't start till 30. And I've become almost friends with a woman I met at my nail salon years ago. We speak almost daily and she never ceazes to amaze me. Life is an interesting thing and as I'm beginning to understand goes wherever you take it. It's not the blind leading the blind - it is what you make it.

I'm going on a tangent (as usual), but there's a reason determined people get what they want. Wishes do come true. Believing in something really does make it a reality. For those that know me, you're probably wondering, "who are you and what have you done with Alla?" It's me and I believe that I will be successful and live a long and happy life surrounded by people that matter and with something interesting to discuss. But shhh...it's "The Secret."

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