July 22, 2009

Doctors, Medicine, Hospitals and other such Yucky things!

My grandmother was right. Every family needs a doctor. Maybe I should have been a doctor? I get nauseous at the sight of blood. I feel like I will throw up after any conversation having to do with surgery. I think in mental pictures. Yet, I've spent so much time in hospitals from a young enough age to at least have been useful, to understand what these medical terms mean without Google or Wiki and to be able to make educated decisions concerning the health of those I love.

I couldn't study for the SAT, studying for MCATs and the Boards would have been out of the question. Life has always been too important to me, but so have the lives of those I love. Spending as much time in hospitals as I have, I probably could have completed residency already and still I skeeve them. Some have been really nasty and old, others new and with the patients' needs in mind, but they all have the same feel. The doctors vary, the hospitals change, but I don't wish anyone to know what it's like to be in the care of the best doctor in the best hospital. I wish everyone in my life, HEALTH and at least one doctor in the family. Luckily, I have a sister-in-law in med school, a friend that's a RN, two PA friends, a friend of a friend that's a pharmacist and then there's J who knows a little about a lot. For everything else, there's Google.

Sent from my mobile device while sitting in a hospital waiting room.

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