June 25, 2010

The Ex Factor

I think there was a SATC episode with the same name, but I'm not trying to plagiarize, just make a point. So what is the ex etiquette?
If you are friends with two people who dated, broke up, got married and lived happily ever after, do you invite both? Neither? Take turns?
Or let them decide? Does the equation change if there were hard feelings? Bad break-up? One is un-attached? Does it matter that you grew up with one and know the other for a few years? Months? Weeks? What if the relationship was between your friend and another friend's spouse? While there may be no easy answer to these questions, if you're going to spend your life making others happy, you'll make yourself miserable.

As adults, people can make a choice to be there for their friends and sit on opposite ends of a dinner table, if necessary. I was at quiet a
few events over the last few weeks where I've ran into ex's, flings and other romantic interests. I've taken pictures with them, of them, drank shots with them and celebrated the events that we were both invited to. It's a small world and while you can avoid people,
you're bound to run into them in the most ackward and inopportune of moments. As with everything else in life, there's no perfect answer,as my fave tax professor always used to say, "based on facts and circustances, it depends."

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