June 2, 2010

$$$ versus Sanity - a modern conversation

WorkingGal1 - you know - bad economy shmeconomy...cannot find anything online
WorkingGal2 - i need shoes and a dress and work clothes and some sanity :-)
WorkingGal1  - shoes? what kinda shoes do you need? :) i thought u settled on the dress
sanity sounds good
WorkingGal2 - [a bunch of stuff that doesn't need to be mentioned here] I'l take some $$$ over sanity at this point too lol
WorkingGal1  - [some more omissions] listen missy, it is  either sanity, or $$$ u have to make up ur mind 
WorkingGal2  - since when is it $$$ or sanity - $$$ can buy sanity or at least therapy :)
WorkingGal1 - well (since we did not marry right) for us working lots gets $$$ = insanity

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