July 15, 2010

Dot Dot Dot

I've been crying a lot lately.  Random things, randomly bring me to tears.  Today, it was this poem by Анна Ахматова:


Я пью за разоренный дом,
За злую жизнь мою,
За одиночество вдвоем,
И за тебя я пью,—
За ложь меня предавших губ,
За мертвый холод глаз,
За то, что мир жесток и груб,
За то, что Бог не спас.

There's many ideas for blog posts brewing and I'm not sure where to begin.  The last few months have been nothing short of torturous, confusing and lacking proper adjectives at the moment.  But I'm tired of talking of the negativity - if I am to practice what I've been preaching and desperately trying to believe - positive attracts positive.  Light attracts lights.  Love attracts love.


  1. Interesting post. Maybe you need a different type of expression - something anonymous perhaps? Just (non-random) thought...